What’s Up

25 Sep

I have to say first of all, my post title made me think of that 4 Non-Blondes song What’s Up, which for YEARS I thought was called “What’s Going On?” because that’s kind of the hook. But no, it’s called What’s Up? Anyway…

Firstly I want to say a big thanks to Brian Thompson over at The DIY Daily Podcast for using my song Resurrection Buzz all week long in his show. I can’t think of a cooler thing to be associated with because his podcast is full of inspiration and thoughtfulness. Check it out. Here’s the September 24th episode:

The other big thing is…I am about to launch the Kickstarter project for MY NEW EP which I START RECORDING NEXT MONTH OH GOOD GRIEF. I am simultaneously excited and really scared, because Kickstarters are those things where it’s ALL OR NOTHING (in all caps like that) and what if I don’t pick the right amount to ask for or maybe people won’t pay attention or…all of the things that freak me out in the middle of the night when I’m hugging my body pillow and practicing breathing exercises.

And then really, as my friends have been telling me…positive thinking rules the world, and I am fortunate to know a lot of nice, supportive people. What I do know is the songs on deck for EP 3 are the best I have ever written. Put that on a Times Square billboard and light it up, because I can stand behind that. Dan’s studio is full of amazing gear and we have some really cool people in mind to play on it, so…it’s going to rock. It will rock. So will the Kickstarter. Get ready.

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