Would You Rather

4 Jan


The other night we played a rousing game of Would You Rather, a Christmas present from my dear sister.  This game consists of predicting what your fellow players will say when you ask them something like, “Would you rather smell through your feet or breathe through your fingers?”  It’s something that makes you ponder.  Or wonder.

There’s also the part of the game where you make up your own “Would you rather?”  You try and create a scenario complex enough so your fellow players disagree with each other.

It’s a low key week except in my own head, where I’m playing a huge game of “would you rather?” with myself.  It results in me waking up ridiculously early and then kind of…wandering.  There’s a lot to do.  Would I rather renew my expired car registration (oops) or work on an awesome promo video for Susan’s new record or email 40 people or read the New York Times or postpone my jury duty summons or make coffee or write a blog post (look what won right now) or figure out WordPress?  That was just the last 2 hours.  I’m not whining, though…just trying to keep it all straight.

Maybe I’ll hit the coffee first.  Add cinnamon.

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